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  1. Thank you very much Heimo, I have no problem assigning the concentration to the point using BCN node# concentration I have problem assigning flow to a non-boundary point of the mesh. The model seems does not exept it. Igor
  2. Thank you very much Alan. The point source seems work fine. Hurray! The only thing I am strugling with is that I can not assign flow (RMA2 boundary conditon) to the point. Is it any way to assign a flow from a pipe, not just concentration? Thank you very much for you time. Igor
  3. Hi experienced modellers, My wastewater outfall is located in the middle of the bay. I am trying to assign the RMA2 / RMA4 boundary conditions to the nodestream in the middle of the bay but the model complaines “Selected string(s) not boundary string(s)“. When I place the outfall on the shore, everthing works fine. Question: are there any ways (tricks) to have an outfall in the middel of the bay (i.e. not on the mesh boundary)? Many thanks, Igor
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