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  1. I am currently dealing with exactly the same issue as Biap.. I get the same error where all particles start at the bottom. Has there been made any changes to this bug in the new version or have you found a soultion to the problem?
  2. Dear all, I'm currently using GMS 7.1. I often have the need to show variuos shap-file on top of my model where cell edges and cell faces are shown. Though, the GIS module is below the 3D grid module and apparently can't be moved further up in the project tree. Do anyone know how to solve this? Thanks Best Regards, Mette
  3. Dear Allan, Thank you! I will try that. Regards, Mette
  4. Dear all, I am currently using version 7.1. I need to move coverages from one model to another. In version five the map files were saved automatically and then they were easily imported into another model. How can I do this in version 7.1? Thanks Best Regards, Mette Christensen
  5. Hi all I have a regional groundwater model in GMS 5.1. I need to plot a map showing distributed infiltration/recharge to layer 4, which is a sand layer (or any other deeper sand layer in my model). So basically I would like to extract flow in and out of the top of each cell in layer 4. The closest thing I can get myself is creating vectors from the ccf. file, and then use Data -> 3D data to 2D data -> max value from K-layer and then doing this for layer 3 (a clay layer). This gives me the sum of all flow in each cell in layer 3 and be exported as 2D scatter points. The Z-component covers 90+ percent of all flow, so if I divide this value by two, I will get an approximately ok value. However it doesn't say whether flow is going up or down. Anybody have any better ideas. I have GMS 7 also, but the client want to have the model in 5.1, so I'll prefer to keep the data here if possible. Regards Mette
  6. Hi, I have a similar problem. I am working in version 5.1 and in here there is no option of choosing the "Transport Observation Package". Was this simply not included in this old version? If not do you know how I can work through this? Thanks. Mette
  7. Dear all, I need to know the drainage flow from many inidividual cells. How is this output obtained? When using the flow budget tool only the total drainage from all cells is obtained (and I don't want to sit and click on each cell to produce an individual flow budget.. ). The information can neither be extracted from the vector or *.mag files. If anybody knows this would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Best regards, Mette Christensen
  8. Hi, I am working with particle tracking with MODPATH in GMS. I am interested in describing the behavior of the particles within each computational layer and cell. Since my computational layers follow the geology the pathline report given in xyz format is not so usefull. Do anyone know if a similar report can be obtained in ijk format?? Thanks! Best regards, Mette Christensen
  9. Dear Allan, Perfect - it worked! Thank you very much!
  10. Hi! I want to implement a river using the RIV package in GMS. I know that this is easily done with an arc with a linear interpolation of the head stage from the start and end nodes. Though I need this river to follow topography accurately. I can only think of manually making multiple river stretches with linear interpolation.. Do anyone know how to do this in a smart way in GMS? Thanks a lot! Best regards, Mette Christensen
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