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  1. As always, i appreciate the help. You guys go above and beyond. I had already changed the ds boundary conditions to normal depth, as I read on a blog that flow hydrographs are really tricky for those. Here is a question you might know the answer to offhand: I have flow changes for the one week I'm trying to simulate arranged both as actual flow change (i.e., -10.45 for a diversion, and 6.6 for a return), as well as tributary data in the same setup. I also have a "running total" of what flow in the channel should be (i.e., 88 cfs - 10.45 at the diversion, so 77.55). What should I be inputting f
  2. Thanks, Clark. I have been playing with the time step, to no real avail - it seems like the least unlikely results come from a 12 hour time step, but I am still getting 50 year flood stage from seasonal low-flow input. I am wondering if I need to do initial flow change locations that correspond with all of the flow hydrograph/lateral inflow hydrograph/normal depth boundary conditions? Thanks, Rob
  3. robross

    WMS crash

    Hi Russ, I don't know if that was the same issue we had; I think we already had 8.3.3 running. I discovered that the TIN dataset was what was crashing our instance. I used the TIN to extract cross-sections, and then removed it. No problems since. Rob
  4. Ok, I have a steady state model for the reach with no diversions, all diversions, and one diversion, and it seems to be behaving itself nicely. I am now having issues with creating a transient state simulation with the same framework. I am using a one week period doing a one day time step, with basically the same data that went into the steady-state, but for the whole week insetad of one day. It is not going so well; I am getting error messages about the matrix solution failing and error exceeding maximum tolerances. I am using flow hydrographs for the top and bottom boundary conditions, and u
  5. robross

    WMS crash

    Well, loading the map file put most of the important stuff back up, and worked just fine. I had to retrieve a new TIN, and extract my cross sections again, but other than that, it seems ok. I am working on schlepping the 37 MB zip file of the model that wasn't opening to tech, just to see what was causing it to freeze. Thanks, Rob
  6. robross

    WMS crash

    I will try loading the map file first thing, and in the meantime, I will send the files to tech support. Thanks for the replies, Chris - always appreciated. Rob
  7. robross

    WMS crash

    Anyone know of any recent issues with WMS becoming unresponsive? I have a model built that was doing just fine last night, but WMS now freezes when opening. I have installed the latest update, rebooted, restarted several times, and tried copying the files to different sources, all to no avail. It reads through all of the components, and then goes blank with a rotating hourglass. I have also tried to let it take its time opening, and after 45 minutes, still no go. Any thoughts on what could have changed within the last 12 hours? Thanks, Rob
  8. Is there another way to handle the diversions? I have four irrigation ditches ranging from 3 to 15 miles in length, and the creation of the bank arcs is causing WMS to do a Houdini-like crash, where the active window goes away without even a crash warning. Can I just do a small partial branch downstream, and a small partial branch returning, since I have discharge data both at diversion and return? Thank you! Rob
  9. Yep, got the cross sections merged last night, and am about to put the ditches and tributaries in. 17 river miles, four ditches, three tributaries, and 396 cross sections. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks, Rob
  10. Thanks for the reply, Chris! If I have modified cross section saved in an .idx, I can just merge those into extracted cross sections, right? It sounds like I need to widen my cross sections beyond the channel surveys that I did in order to generate the downstream length measurements. For the downstream branches of the diversions, I would just put change in flow at those branches where they divert and return? Thanks, Rob
  11. And, as an afterthought, has anyone had problems with WMS not populating the downstream overbank and channel distances when exported to HEC-RAS? Thanks!
  12. Hi all, I am trying to figure out how to treat four irrigation ditches over the mainstem of a HEC-RAS in WMS model. Each one diverts and returns to either the mainstem or a tributary right before the tributary joins the mainstem. Any input on how to place diverted flow? Add a outlet point? Thanks for any thoughts or ideas, Rob
  13. No worries, I will look over the tutorial again, and send the files in if I can't figure it out. Thanks, Rob
  14. The arcs are all set to the appropriate coverages, and the cross sections have been extracted and edited. I think the problem is in the import of the arc sets to HEC-RAS. Thanks Clark! Rob
  15. Hi all, I am working towards a working HEC-RAS model from WMS input. I have a centerline, channel banks, and cross sections to define model geometry in HEC-RAS. I have saved as a 1-D network schematic, but when bringing it into HEC-RAS, it will only use one of these coverages to define geometry, so I get error messages saying that there are no cross sections. Any thoughts (Chris and Clark, I'm looking at you)? Thanks, Rob
  16. So, I successfully mapped the cross sections and centerline to the appropriate coverages. However, I am having a problem with extracting the cross section data - all of my river tools are grayed out, so I can't really do anything with the coverages. Any idea of where I am going wrong? Thanks! Rob By the way, I am using a 2D scatter point set derived from an Arc DEM to create a TIN in WMS for the elevation data.
  17. Do I need to bring in the shapefile first, and then create the coverage? This is basically how I was trying to do it last night, and I ended up with a feature arc, but it wasn't part of the 1D HYD centerline coverage. I will make sure that the 1D HYD is selected - that might be what i was doing wrong. Thanks Clark! Rob
  18. Say, anyone know if you can somehow map a centerline and cross sections created in Arc to the 1d-HYD coverages in WMS? Sure would be cool if I didn't have to trace them all! Thanks, Rob
  19. Hi all, I am struggling with creation of a TIN from contour shapefile data. I have several forms of elevation data, but much of it is multiple CAD files, and WMS will only support one CAD dataset at a time. So, I also have a series of contour files at 2 meter contours. I have added the shapefiles to the project explorer, created a general-type coverage called "contours", and am having problems mapping the attributes (elevation data) of the contours to the contour coverage. The mapping function in the GIS module crashes 8.3 and freezes 8.2. Any feedback? Thanks, Rob
  20. Thanks for the heads-up on the new version. It is importing Arc data with no interesting colors. Rob
  21. Hey Chris, I am using 8.2, so this might be the case. However, I think I circumvented it. Are we entitled to an upgrade to 8.3? Get any good riding in this season? Thanks, Rob
  22. Well, apparently the color issue is somehow a result of enabling Arc Objects. When the same data was brought in as imagery and shapefiles, all was well.
  23. Hi all, I just started building the base for a HEC-RAS model in WMS. I have a few questions (I don't know if these are going to be ones anyone ran into). First, my project window is teal, and my orthophotos are red. I can't seem to find any control dialogue to address this. Also, is there a way to clip the data frame to a polygon imported from ArcGIS? I'm sure this will be the first of many panicked "help!" posts. Thanks, Rob
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