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  1. Hi to all, in my efforts to construct an avi file with the results of an SMS/TUFLOW simulation, I get a rather bizzare avi file which displays the output of the simulation with a time irregularity. This can be shown in the attached file. Is there a solution to this problem ? Attached avi file (1,6 MB aprox): http://rapidshare.com/files/378371802/sms.avi.html Thank you, Peppas Antonios
  2. Dear Sir, I want to perform a wave rooting from a dam break analysis. The wave which is produced by the breaking of the dam is going to be rooted downstream through a narrow gorge for about three (3) kilometers and then into a wide delta plain for another five (5) kilometers. I am currently using the FESWMS model (which is not able to perform a steady state analysis of the complex river geometry) and I want to get the appropriate model for the above task which involves hydrodynamic calculations. Which would be your suggestion? Thank you, Peppas Antonios
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