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  1. currently´╝îI have solved the first problem when I assigned arc Attributes to the stream network through toggling on the option for sub-surface losses/gains, then I check GSSHA model and find no error, However, when I run GSSHA model, I am not yet able to avoid the second error. Why?
  2. Dear all, After I completely followed tutorial 12: Groundwater(in GSSHA tutorial) to build GSSHA model, why are there these errors when operating the option of GSSHA Model Check? Error: one or more of the arcs in the GSSHA Coverage do not have valid K river or M river values. And after I constrainedly run GSSHA model, why is there such an error in Model Wrapper? Error: you have specified both groundwater routing and Sacramento soil moisture accounting. These two methods are mutually-exclusive. Use one or the other.
  3. jiaxy

    about GSSHA

    is GSSHA(wms8.0) able to be applied to the case for irrigation region? In the face of relatively flat area and settled drainage, how and what should I do? Besides, can I set up smaller grid DEM than 10m? for example 1m,thanks!
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