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  1. Sorry for misunderstanding, I'm currently using scalar paving density mode, but the mesh result is not the same as I expected. I mean in the picture I attached, the red area should have higher resolution than blue area, but it's not that. By the way, I've tried sms 11.0.12 and 11.1.5, and I got the same result.
  2. Issue: When I trying to make a big mesh with paving density mode, some of the regions does not meshed with enough resolution. As you can see the colored background is the contour of scatter value. There is an obvious area where the mesh lose resolution. So how can I avoid this? Is it caused by some kind of insufficient iteration or something else? Is there a simple option to correct this issue? Thanks!
  3. Thank you for your support! I'm using geographic wgs84 coordination in projection settings. I'm sorry that the stability problem related to projection is not easy to reproduce, it happend randomly for my understanding until now. I will report it when I found an easy way to reproduce it. I'm just starting to evaluate the new version of SMS v11.1.5. It works much better than before until now. For the shapefile which is not displayed correctly, which email should I send the shape file to? I've send it to support@aquaveo.com. I hope you can get it.
  4. I did not use any projection. I can understand that if I use projection, this precision issue may not affect me. But when I set the projection to geographic, SMS does not work well for me, it's easier to crash than no projection is specified. By the way, I'm using SMS 10.1.11, and work with scalar paving density mode on large scale. You are welcome! Anyway, I passed this issue by converting dxf to shapefile. But another problem is that when I working with shapefile, it is not correctly read sometimes. The current state of shapefile overlayed with previous shapefile edit history. I have to convert it to mapinfo tab file then convert back to avoid this issue. I'm using Quantium Gis Desktop 1.9 to generate shapefile, I have not checked whether it's the same with Arcgis Desktop.
  5. When I'm trying to convert dxf data to map data, I lost some of the detail of the dxf data. The result seems being generalized. Can I change the map vertex duplicate tolerance to avoid losing information of dxf data?
  6. Hi Alan, Sorry for misunderstanding. I'm not using "paving" mode, I'm using "scalar paving density" mode. But I've tried what you say and it also works for me. Thanks!
  7. Hi, Do anybody know how to make a new mesh passing existing position-fixed node in paving density mode? I want to set several nodes manually inside the mesh. For example, I want to set several nodes fixed above some underwater structures. Thanks!
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