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  1. I successfully imported the optimal values - thanks! But I am still trying to interpret the sensitivity results from my PEST run. I've attached a plot of the sensitivity results (the RCH sensitivities aren't zero, but are much less than the values for K). I've also attaché the .sen file. Are these raw sensitivities or relative sensitivities? I've tried reading through the sensitivity section of the PEST manual (5.3.2) but I'm till having trouble figuring out exactly what numbers I have here.riversideeast_1l_transonly_1211_pilotpts_sen.txt
  2. I'm following the same process (I think) that I've used before, switching a model from a steady-state calibrated model to a transient one. But now I am getting an error soon after starting MF saying that "allocation of arrays X, Z, IX and XMS failed." (see image) I've run through the tutorials and steps I've taken in previous translations and can't find my error. Does this error ring any bells? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the responses! I will have to come back to this issue to polish off the calibration, but I need to move forward with my "predictive" modeling to generate a preliminary drawdown map. How do I get the PEST-derived pilot point HK's back into MODFLOW to run a transient forward model from this point? I've imported the optimal values from the Parameter dialogue, and can contour the PEST-derived HK's, but I still don't see those new K's in the HK array under LPF in the 3D Grid Data section. I didn't see how to do this in the tutorials. Thanks, Chris
  4. I am running a transient PEST model with pilot points, using HK and RCH values. However, during the run I notice that the RCH values are not changing between optimization iterations. None of the points are defined as fixed. I created the RCH scatter points by duplicating the HK scatter points then editing the values. Could the additional "Active" field (populated with "1"'s) in the new RCH scatter point file be causing the problem? Both pilot-point-defined Parameters are referencing the correct scatter point sets. I am using 18 pilot points, but have over 100 Observation Points so I do not think I am violating that ratio. Thanks for your help! Chris
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