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  1. Dear All, I have a UGrid MODFLOW model and I want to use the layer elevations of this model for another model. Therefore, I want to convert the UGrid MODFLOW layers to 2D scatter points. Then it will be easy to interpolate to MODFLOW layers. It is easy to do this process in 3D Grid but it looks it is somehow complicated in UGrid. Thanks for your help and answer. Best regards, Aziz
  2. Thanks Sean, You've done your best to resolve the problem. I hope the GMS developers can help me to solve this issue. Best regards,
  3. Dear Sean, Thanks for your reply. I’ve done your suggestion and the result was new UGrid. When I select layer 1 and select right mouse button, there is no option to redistribute and there are Refine and Split layer options which I tried the Split layer option and the result was new UGrid (attached figure). For the new UGrid, I need to initiate the MODFLOW again and re-do all the work I have done before again. I would appreciate it if you can give me a solution to split layer one without regeneration of UGrid. Best regards,
  4. Dear Sean, Thanks for your reply. I have a very sophisticated MODFLOW 6 model with Octree grid and I’ve calibrated and validated the model (attached figures). If I want to split layer 1, the Ugrid will be regenerated again and I need to define again the materials and probably calibrate the model. How I can split layer 1 without regenerating the Ugrid? Thanks,
  5. Dear all, I am trying to model a “subsurface dam” using the Horizontal Flow Barrier (HFB) package which simulates thin low-permeability geologic features to impede the horizontal flow of groundwater. I have a model with two alluvium layers which are shown in the attached schematic figure. In the HFB package, the cell boundary represents a vertical face between two adjacent cells. The question here is how I can define a barrier within one cell (layer) up to a specific level rather than the whole cell thickness (like layer 1 in the figure). Your help and insight would be highly appreciated. Best regards,
  6. Dear Bri, Thanks for your reply. As you mentioned, there were some dangling arcs and I corrected them and now I have another problem. When I want to map my TRANSIENT conceptual model on 3D UGrid (Unstructured Grid) , it works till 60% and then it looks it stopped and never reach to 100%. I checked the same step for 3D finite difference grid to make sure that my conceptual is correct. GMS mapped my conceptual model on the Structured Grid easily and quickly. I am now wondering what reason could be for this issue that I cannot map my conceptual model on 3D UGrid (Unstructured Grid). Maybe it is GMS bug for USG MODFLOW. Thanks once again for your time.
  7. Hi there, When I want to map my conceptual model on UGrid (Unstructured Grid) , it works till 6% and then it shows the following error: "Boost. Geometry overlay invalid input exception" I stuck in this step and I need your precious help. Any points would be highly appreciated. Many thanks in advance for your time and help.
  8. Dear Lalith, Thanks for your response and precious feedback. As you mentioned, assigning the material type to the grid is a part of Horizons -> Modflow mapping. However, when I assign my Horizon to USG, the material of whole grid is first material of the Horizon, although I didn't face any error. Do you have any idea what can be the reason of this problem? Best regards, Aziz
  9. Dear Lalith, Thanks for your response and precious feedback. As you mentioned, solid cannot be directly mapped into UGrid. I used horizons ("Horizons -> UGrid") to map on UGrid and now this step is finished. I have another question about "Material IDs" in the LPF Package of UGrid MODFLOW. I have four layers model in which last two layers have same material IDs; so, how I can can copy the IDs from third layer and past for fourth layer? It was easy in regular Grid to copy the material IDs from one layer and use for another layer. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration and looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Azi
  10. Hello Dear Alan and GMS Users, I’ve prepared boreholes, cross section and stratigraphy solids using GMS Version 10.4. I created first 2D Quadtree UGrid and then I selected Horizons -> UGrid from Borehole menu to map Horizons (Solids) to the 3D UGrid (Quadtree). I faced the following error and I cannot figure out how I can solve the problem: “No dataset defined for scatter set Horizons. Cannot continue” Your prompt help and response would be highly appreciated.
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