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  1. Hi everyone, Despite it's been a while since I started this topic, I think it can always be helpful to share experiences. Finally, after a long try and error process, I think we have achieved a reasonable technique. To my understanding, the best way to represent a breakwater is as part of the bathymetry, i.e. as an abrupt change of bottoms elevation. Nevertheless, this may lead to numerical problems, since the boussinesq equations that SMS solves, were derived using the assumption of a mild slope bottom. Anyway, this problem can be addressed by putting a typical coastline damping layer. With
  2. José María, es la playa de Lido en Venecia.

    Es muy interesante tu página de Nautilus,


  3. Hello everyone, I've been having the same problem, and I think I could help with this discussion. First of all, despite all the good things that bouss2d has, it's worth to know that theirs equations of motion CAN'T represent phenomenons such like of propagations over breakwaters, since its particular set of Boussinesq-type equations is not fully non-linear and overall it assumes in their derivation that the bottom has a mild slope. With this in mind, you have to know that any alternative to simulate a breakwater or any similar structure, like using damping layers or similar, will be always a
  4. John, Thanks for your reply and advices. I'm working with the 10.0 version and it's working fine... for most cases. From your ideas, I'm inclined to think that the problem might have relation with the breakwater that I'm trying to model (http://aquaveo.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=699) since I have represented it as part of the bathymetry and, in fact, it presents slopes in the order of 1:1.75. Nevertheless, I'm using a grid discretization (dx=dy=5m) smaller that the one recommended by the model, and smaller time steps, to achieve Courant's Numbers always below 0.5. In any case, the m
  5. Dear all, I've been working with Bouss2d, and I started to been notified with this error: "forrtl: severe (157): Program Exception - access violation" As I've found on internet, this might have relation with the program writing in pieces of memory where it is not allowed to write, or with the change of the file's paths. In my opinion I haven't done any of this things, but now I keep receiving this message and I cannot finish my models. Please, any help or leads on why this could be happening will be very appreciated. Thanks in advance, Benjamín error.bmp
  6. Hello everyone, I've been trying to run a model with a breakwater on it, but the results I have make me suspicious. I represented the breakwater as a part of the bathymetry and I used a porous layer around it (n=0.4), in the interface between the upper part of the breakwater and the submerged one. The width of this porous layer is equal to that used by the slope of the breakwater. The average water depth in this region is 20 meters, and the wave field has an Hs=1.0m and Tp=15s. I've used the model in natural bathymetries and have had good and reasonable results, but in the case of this breakw
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