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  1. Is there some kind of rescaling to apply when integrating the spectrum over the theta direction?
  2. is busy crunching numbers on CMS-WAVE

  3. Dear Aquaveo Tech Support, MODEL: CMS WAVE TOPIC: Directional spectrum representation GOAL: Determine units and integration method to calculate the zeroth moment of the directional spectrum ISSUE: I output a spectrum using the observation cell feature, which gives me frequency bins, etc. Now when I try to integrate S(f,theta) over the theta direction, I obtain the same plot as in SMS (using the spectral energy menu); however, I am unable to compute the correct m0 = int( S(f) df ) so that I retrieve the correct significant wave height. Would you help me devise what's going on? Many thanks. John
  4. Hi GOAL: Determine wave height and period in a harbor during a storm METHOD: set up two grids; one is for offshore growth; second is for the harbor itself, where higher accuracy is needed. Grid 1 is 'wind' only for wave generation, the second grid is set up to spectra (from the parent grid) and wind. APPLICATION: I use the 'nested grid' technique successfully HOWEVER: At this point I cannot say for sure that the child grid is actually using the wind spectrum, so there is no wind-wave generation! Can you help with this? My setup is: 64-bit, 10.1.11 (25-jan-11) on XP. Thank you. John
  5. Hi Rusty - Thank you for contacting GlobalMapper tech support. I can't see any parameters to adjust in the TM dropdown list option. Is it possible to load the projection directly? I'll keep looking, anything else would be useful. Jean
  6. Hi I'm working on a dataset with points registered in the "Beijing 1954 coordinate system", which MAY be another name for a Gauss-Kruger 3-degree projection. I can only see the 6-degree Gauss-Kruger in the drop-down list. Thus my question is: does SMS support 3-degrees, is it called under another name? Thank you. Jean
  7. I'm having the same problem. Have you ever figured out anything regarding this issue? Simulating a submerged porous structure is OK, but whenever I need to have a surface-piercing structure, I can't get reasonable results. - John
  8. Hi - We are experiencing the same problem. It may be caused by some negative depth due to a long wave with a height suficiently large to make some cells 'dry'. We're not sure but we're definitely looking for some feedback on that one. - John
  9. Hi - I am taking on BOUSS-2D and started out with the tutorial, running SMS 10.1b. Adhering strictly to what is in the tutorial (BOUSS-2D), it results in a "fatal error; wave direction cannot be generated". I have found a work around by relocating the boundary condition INSIDE the grid, about 5 grid cell toward the shoreline. Every parameter is set to default from tutorial otherwise. Can anyone advise on this? Thank you. - John
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