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  1. Thanks for the input - I appreciate it! I've been looking through the tutorials and it does seem pretty straight forward... One other question I have - I've been running into some situations where I'm ending up with many 0's or -1's in my 2D Grids. Is there a quick way to convert those 0's and '1's into different values? Kind of like a find and replace (ex. replace all 0's with 3's...)? Thanks again!
  2. I'm interested in modeling a basic - simple flood event caused by heavy rainfall. Essentially looking at any low lying areas that would collect rain water and pool. I've been playing around with GSSHA model - but wondering if it is the best or simplest way to get the results I'm looking for. I believe I have all the data needed to run the model - but the area I am trying to model is quit large and am wondering if there is another method within WMS that would better suit my needs? Thanks for your help!
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