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    Map to 2D Mesh

    I'm using SMS 10.0.11 to generate a Generic 2D Mesh. After creating arcs, redistributing vertices and building polygons SMS crashes executing the 'map -> 2d mesh' function. It unfortunately happens about every second time I try to add a new polygon to the existing mesh. The mesh size can't be the reason because I've started from scratch and it already crashed trying to mesh the second polygon. Thank you very much, Fabio
  2. Hi there When I'm opening an .2dm file that I created in SMS 10.0 with SMS 10.1, the input hydrograph disappears. The nodestring is still there and if it's highlighted it shows (curve,curve) on the display. But if I check the boundary conditions, the data for the hydrograph isn't there. Thanks for your reply, Fabio
  3. i just now got the answer from aquaveo technical support: sms 10.0 is the only version running on vista.
  4. does anybody know if it is possible to run sms 8.1.16 including the hydro as-2d on windows vista 32bit and 64bit?
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