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  1. Hi, I have actually posted a previous topic about this query, but I don't think I was very clear about what I was trying to do so thought I would try again explaining it a bit more clearly. I have a flood depth map for my modelled reach. Is there a way of ascertaining what the maximum flood depth value is by material type? I.e. What is the max flood depth in the area property polygon 'floodplain'/'channel' etc... Thanks, Tim
  2. Does anyone having any ideas why I may be having this problem with the scale bar displaying?
  3. I'll give that a try for the flood depths and then let you know if that helps. Regarding the scale bar issue, I am referring to the legend which displays the spatial scale of the map. When I turn this option on in page setup it still does not show up on the screen...any ideas for how to solve this issue or manually create a scale bar if not? Tim
  4. Hi This post actually relates to the two different queries: 1.) When turn the scale bar legend on it still does not seem to display on the screen. Is there any reason why this may be the case and what could I try to solve this? 2.) I have a contoured map which shows flood extents. However I am only really interested in the depth and extent of flooding on the floodplain rather than for whole system including the channel. Is there anyway I can derive the maximum flood depth only for the floodplain coverage of my model? Thanks, Tim
  5. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows the solution to this problem. Whenever I turn on the contour legend option the text in the legend comes up as symbols rather than letters. Have checked that the font etc are all correct and can't seem to find anything else I can try. Any ideas? Thanks, Tim
  6. Hi, Could you tell me what the best way to import a Tin dataset from ArcGIS into WMS 7.1 is? Thanks, Tim
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