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  1. Ok thanks Alan, I seen you posted a version of modflow with the max number of SP=10 000 but now the link is not available. How can I get this ? because I Need use more than 1000 SP ... Thanks in advance !
  2. Hello everyone, I am building a transient MODFLOW model with GMS 7.0 using the conceptual model approach. There is a huge problem with the number of stress periods I want to run : - Until I've less than 1001 stress periods, MODFLOW runs, everything is ok - If I have more than 1000 stress periods, MODFLOW aborts immediatly (I mean it is not a problem of convergence) Hereunder the error message : "Excutable started ..... This file is not a GMS MF2K superfile. Assuming NAM file ...... ALLOCATION OF ARRAYS X, Z, IX AND XHS FAILED RETURNED ERROR MESSAGE NUMBER : 41 MODFLOW 2000 finished" I have made many many tests with my files and I have also tested it with entering the data manually directly in the Stress Priod box in Global Options. Moreover, I don't understand because the option of output control "Enable saving of computed flows for all source sink object" is already unchecked... Thanks in advance for any help !
  3. Thank you Mickael ! We have tried with your second option and it would probably work but GMS 7.0 crashes when clicking on the floder "2D grid" in the window opened when cliking on "2D data set > layer" in the Vertical Confining Beds dialog box.... Is it a bug ??
  4. Hello everyone, I am building a MODFLOW model with GMS 7.0 using the conceptual model approach. It is a 3 layers model with variable geometry (I mean high strikes for top and bottom layers elevations and tickness variations), and with two confining beds in the LPF package : one below layer 1 and one below layer 2. As I want to affect a variable tickness to them, I have created a 2D scatter data file for each of them's bottom elevation. My problem is that I have tried to interpolate these 2D scatter points files "to Modflow layer" but GMS doesn't allow to map "bottom-confining bed".... So how can I interpolate the confining bed's bottom elevations from 2D scatter data files ?? Thanks in advance for any help !
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