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  1. works great, I need to use the 'Map Module' to create my frame and grid from now on. I was trying to do same thing in the "Cartesian Grid Module". thank you Rusty.
  2. Hi Rusty, yes I was trying to say "grid frame". I remember being able to move it around, decide on the final size etc. and re-interpolate my grid after changing it position. I am using CMS-wave as my model but it does not matter to me because I will just create the grid then use grid points for something else. My main question is, how can I create a grid frame and then select it to change its properties? With the same license I was able to do this. Now I can't. Could you help me please ?
  3. In earlier versions I was able to create a cartesian grid and then select it and change rotation, move it around, change size etc. I can't seem to find how to do it in the 11.0 version. Does anybody know how to do this ?
  4. Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to create a feature arc - redistribute vertices on it - select all vertices and convert them to nodes (it is possible to do up to this point) - then delete the arc itself leaving only nodes (or not delete the arc but be able to select a node (or all) on the arc and change the node attirbute) I want this to be able to create evenly distributed "refine points" - I can select any node or all the nodes on the created and distributed arc - right click to it - node attribute option is there but it does not open the refine point options window. bug ? it works when I just create a node. the model for the default coverage is selected as CMS-Wave. SMS 10.1 64 bit. or any other way to do this? I want to create a grid that will be very fine on land and it will get coarser as I go off shore. I also want the j direction density to be higher in the middle of grid, with decreasing density towards the side boundaries. something like this http://cirp.usace.army.mil/wiki/File:IV-69-Fig10.png any help is appreciated. thanks MO
  5. I normally use ADCIRC, that's why I want to check LTEA - I never used FVCOM. This mesh is for a friend I had deleted the files so I quickly recreated the boundaries.map. Then I tried to reproduce the crash - and it did, then I tried again and it worked with 199 polygons(grid spacing+area change 0.5 for the scatter paving). It is just not stable. Right after that, I tried (grid spacing + slope change 0.1 ) and it crashed again. I am sending the files now, hope it helps. Mo
  6. thank you for all the help, 1-yeah I already did that to just forget about the extrapolation single value I was putting there. 2-I do use ADCIRC a lot but this mesh will be used in FVCOM 3-I will do the LTEA tutorial, it seems like a very useful tool. thanks. "After reading your scatterset for bathymetry, go to the dataset toolbox and create a dataset from the "Spatial | Grid Spacing" command. Smooth this dataset using the instructions previous and use it for your size function." YES-exactly what I wanted. Thank you ! 4-I tried again and it crashes at "Meshing polygon 1 of 141. Press [ESC] to abort (0%)" - I reduced the number of polygons. These are basically islands in the domain. I guess too many or maybe I should assign them as "islands or something" 5-I removed all the island boundaries leaving only 1 closed boundary - and created the mesh using "After reading your scatterset for bathymetry, go to the dataset toolbox and create a dataset from the "Spatial | Grid Spacing" command. Smooth this dataset using the instructions previous and use it for your size function." - worked fine. I now have a mesh where the resolution resembles my bathymetry scatter data. I should note that after deleting the island boundaries and setting interpolation options - I had this message: The scatter set has disjointed vertices. Would you like to continue?" - so then I realized that I was not triangulating my scatter data when I was importing it in the first place !! This causes problems. thank you again Rusty MO
  7. Thank you Rusty, this is exactly what I do right now: 1-load my *.map file which contains the boundaries that I created around the extent of my bathymetry scatter data - boundary type: unassigned. Closed boundary on the outside and some islands in it (I tried to attach it but apparently I am not permitted to upload this kind of file.) 2-I load my X Y Z bathymetry scatter data 3-I did what you told me here, with my scatter selected - "Spatial | Smooth data sets" -> Compute data set (I am confused here, on default Z is selected from my scatter set. I compute anyway and I got a scatter with coordinates and z=s=1.0) from the ADCIRC tutorial, I see that there are many steps to create a size function for meshing - so maybe I need to create another set (wavelength based size function? ) as input to Smooth data sets tool. 4-I select my feature polygon - attributes - mesh type: scalar density paving - scatter options - I leave everything on default and select the output I got in step 3. 5-Bathymetry Type: Scatter Set - Options: Everything default and I select my bathymetry scatter data as the scatter to interp. from 6-Feature Object - Map -> 2D Mesh - I got 229 polygons ( a lot of islands ) - it gets stuck and "not responding" at Meshing polygon 1 of 229. Press [ESC] to abort (0%) this is all on the Sept. release of SMS 10.1 64bit I feel like - the extrapolation single value, duplicate node value and min, max truncation will solve my problems. Right now I do not understand how they work with each other as I always get errors before starting the map -> mesh conversion. All I want is to create the mesh and the resolution of the mesh will be based on my bathymetry scatter because the point clouds are already denser where I need higher numerical resolution, at the same time I want the mesh to be created to obey some rules like the area change, minimum slope etc etc because if I go directly from scatter -> 2D mesh I get ridiculous elements simply because the bathymetry data was not collected to create a specific mesh. Maybe I want too much I'll keep trying. MO
  8. Hi, I am trying to create a triangular mesh grid with rules like: Minimum interior angle: 30.0 Maximum interior angle: 130.0 Maximum slope: 0.1 Element area change: 0.5 Connecting elements: 8 or less I can create the mesh grid but I cannot apply any of the rules above while creating it. When I turn on mesh quality I see all these problems in my mesh but is there a way to prevent it from happening (I got 150k elements and I cannot correct all the issues manually) ? I am guessing the element options dialog can help me do that but Also, what is the option to limit an element's side length ? Is it truncating ? thanks Mo
  9. not adding the "elevation" to the selection works. I receive the errors when I want the elevation in the output text file. probably a bug?
  10. I should be more specific: I am using the 64 bit version with the latest update installed. I load my grid file I load the fort.63 - which works and all the timesteps are loaded etc. I select some nodes using the select mesh nodes then File | Save As | SAve as type Tabular DAta Files .txt then I choose what to export: x y elevation and water surface elevation 63 ( i tried with different number of columns, precision etc etc) click OK error1 error2 error3
  11. Hi, I am trying to save fort.63 information for the selected nodes on my grid but SMS throws me the following errors (attached as pics) the errors are about reading the binary file. any ideas?
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