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  1. I am trying to run a steady state MT3DMS. That requires fully implicit finite difference (FD). For advection, I select standard FD for solution., and upstream weighting. I set one year as a stress period. The model runs but I get this error: Thanks for help.
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    Thanks Michal for the thoughtful response. We will try this and get back to you if we have questions.
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    We actually created the attached plot here and that is what I wanted to import into GMS.
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    I have a 2D detailed geological cross section (attached), say in x-z direction, which can be assumed valid along the y-direction. The plot is in tif format (a raster image). Importing this image to GMS will show only, of course, as an x-y plot, which is not helpful for our purposes. I would like to create a solid by using GMS. One tedious idea is to create bore hole logs-based on this cross section and go from there. Is there an easier way to do that? xsec.tif
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