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  1. Hi, I am trying to coarse a mesh using SMS 9.0. It will be used for simulations with RMA2. It is a much detailed river+lake mesh. I would like to make the long river arm 1-D. Anyone knows if that is possible? I am merging the triangles in the center of the lake, but the resulting mesh doesn't look good at all. Whenever there are islands and near the margins the merging process seems to have been linking nodes over land. Is there a way to avoid this? Thanks, Lin
  2. Thank you. I will try to contact Ian King. Lin
  3. Hi, Thank you for your prompt answer. These are bad news for me. If SMS does not support RMA10 it means i won´t be able to visualize the 3D mesh and the model results. Anyway it seems that i will not even be able to build the 3d mesh ..... Do you suggest me any alternative software that i can use to build the 3D mesh with the data I have and an alternative 3D model for hydrodynamics? (I am modeling a reservoir). I will try to find out what the *adf files are. Lin
  4. Hi. I am a new user. I am currently using SMS9 and RMA10. I have a 2D mesh for RMA2 and I need to build the 3D mesh to use in RMA10. I have 5 bathymetric data files with format .adf (but I do not have software to open it- I tried to use autocad and SMS to open it but it does not work). Any user could give me some help on how to open/import/convert these files and prepare the 3d mesh starting from the 2d mesh? thank you. Lin
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