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  1. I am trying to model a wetland with a submerged outlet (set to super critical flow) and a boundary condition inlet. I have a few questions for trying to get this working (I just started using SMS/FESWMS so these might be really basic - I hope!) 1. I am finding the Steering Module quite difficult to play with because it is a black box with little or not documentation. Could someone point me to some information to help with setting it up and running it, trouble shooting it and then using it (beyond the tutorial which is too basic and too perfect)? 2. When I am finished running the Steering Module I would like to see the results graphically but even a successful spindown shows up blank in the contours. Any suggestions? 3. I get an error asking for a WSE for the model but I would rather set a flow and have the WSE calculated. Is that possible from a cold start or steering module or do I have to start with a WSE and switch to flow after running the Steering Module? Or is there another option I am missing? 4. Can I define a stage-discharge curve for my submerged outlet (ie not on a boundary)? How is it done? 5. Can I define a storm flow (hydrograph) for my inlet, linked to a stage-discharge curve outlet (as above) to determine my WSE? I'm guessing this would be transient - does this function work in FESWMS? I know its a lot of questions but any help on any of them would be MOST appreciated. Thanks, Kerri
  2. Can I add a 1D element control structure into a 2D Mesh? Within the mesh? How would I do that? I am trying to add a pipe inlet and outlet to a constructed wetland mesh. The inlet and outlet are not at the boundary of the mesh. Based on the help files, model documents and tutorials, I should be able to do this but I don't know how to separate the 1D and 2D elements in my mesh. Any suggestions or experiences from people who have done this would be most appreciated. Also references to documentation about HOW to do it, rather than just the theory would be helpful. Thanks, Kerri
  3. I am wanting to hydraulically model a constructed wetland with the ultimate goal of tracking contaminant transport and sediment deposition. I was told that RMA2/RMA4/FESWMS would be able to do this. I have a submerged inlet and outlet, during storm events with a permanent water level in the wetland. This means that I have considerable change in wet/dry elements. My initial thought is to start with a completely flooded pond in order to obtain my hotstart file however that situation will never occur in reality. I am having some trouble getting the inlet and outlet boundary conditions set due to the fact that they are within the facility and not actually a water boundary. I would appreciate some tips from anyone who has successfully used SMS for this type of application. Thanks, Kerri
  4. I ended converting the contours to a shapefile and that worked well. Luckily I had that option!
  5. Hi Todd, I am using the latest SMS build (SMS 10.0.11 Feb 10, 2009). My computer information is as follows: System: Microsoft XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 2 IntelĀ® Xeon CPU 3.20 GHz 2.00GB Ram DirectX version 9.0c Display: Quadro NVS 280 PCI-E (NVIDIA; ForeceWare version: 169.21; Memory: 64 MB; Video BIOS version:; IRQ: 16; Bus: PCI Express x16) If there is any other information you think would be helpful, please let me know and I will provide it. In the meantime, is there a way I can import a points file and automatically rebuild those arcs? It is going to take a really long time to do it manually. Thanks, Kerri
  6. I am a new user of SMS 10. I am not sure what I need to have in my dwg file to make sure that SMS can read it. Currently when I try to open a .dwg file with basic layers (contours) it immediately crashes with no error messages. Is there a standard I should be following for the .dwg file or a procedure I am missing when trying to load this file? Thanks Kerri PS: I tried to upload the file but it said I am not allowed to upload that type of file.
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