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  1. I have a problem. If I import data from *.txt file, which has this structure: name x y z material horizonts 1G 467.225 404.366 37 2 2 1G 467.225 404.366 15 1 1 1G 467.225 404.366 0 4 4 1G 467.225 404.366 -19.5 4 4 6G 345.47 334.927 29 2 2 6G 345.47 334.927 11 1 1 6G 345.47 334.927 1 4 4 6G 345.47 334.927 -5 2 2 6G 345.47 334.927 -17.5 2 2 2G 117.381 615.98 38 2 2 2G 117.381 615.98 10 4 4 2G 117.381 615.98 -12 2 2 2G 117.381 615.98 -13.5 2 2 and i tell him, that the last column is Horizont ID, and try to auto-create blank cross section, it tell me, that it has allready exist, but really it is not. I have Vista:) Thanks!
  2. Is there any possibility to model (simulate) spreading of admixture (dash) something in the water? For example, if it is known the boundary of the polluted spot and concentration of this pollution, is it possible to model, how this spot(concentration of pollution) will change through time (for example through a day or a month with defined precipitations )? Thanks.
  3. Thank you very much! Now I've understood theese such a basic things and can create Land Use and Soil Type coverages myself, having geological information of the territory.
  4. The question is connected with Land Use and Soil Type in WMS, and how to create it myself using image and information of this land, and than use it in HEC-1 for example. If I have information of geological structure and photo from space of some territory, how to create theese coverages myself, and than use them in HEC-1(or others) for example. If it is necessary, I can get any information of this territory (I can measure anything). In manual of WMS said how to create Soil Type coverage, having some information of soil and a map. But what does it really mean, soil A,B,C,D? what coeffitient of infiltration? And what about Land Use? if, for example, I see on map, that this territory consists of forest and one lake only, what have I do, to create Land Use coverage? The problem is actual for small territories, where we would like to get good accuracy. WMS 8.1 Thanks.
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