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  1. Use of data contained in a scatter set with an observation arc in SMS v11.0.2 x64 results in an error message for each arc. Attached is an image from SMS v11 with the resultant error message and from SMS v10.1.11 were the process works with the same scatter data. The observation arcs work in SMS v11 with the scatter data converted to a mesh (scatter>mesh>observe). Backstory: Importing tabular nodal data from another model for comparison (WSEL, depth, Vx, Vy, Vmag, etc. text format). Arcs are to measure flowrate/flux. Import using File Import Wizard to a scatter set. Just wanted to provide a heads up since this process works w/ scatter data in v10.1.
  2. It appears that coordinates in LandXML format are expressed in Northing Easting Elev (YXZ). Based on a quick review of the LandXML-1.2 documentation at http://www.landxml.org/ it appears that Northing Easting is the standard for LandXML (no option for XYZ).
  3. I have run a comparative model between the 2010-10-AA, 2010-10-AB and 2009-07-DB builds and noted the following: 1) The change in the Free Overfall Factor default from 0.8 in the 2009 builds to 0.6 in the 2010 builds resulted in a ~ 1 cm difference in water surface. The model run is for a river with a wide floodplain, generally shallow depth of flow with numerous dikes/roads. 2) Using the 2009 build the model ran successfully using the single precision .exe, minimal mass error. For the 2010 builds, this same model experienced excessive mass error (peak 4.0%) using the single precision (SP) .exe. Reviewing the MB1 output the majority of the 'problem' areas appeared to be along the channel banks. Model elevation is 780 ft. / 238m NGVD29. Using the 2010-10-AB build double precision (DP) .exe the model ran successfully with minimum mass error. Guess the difference in compiler pushed this marginal model from a SP standpoint into the DP category. 3) The water surface difference between the model runs using the 2009-07-DB SP .exe and the 2010-10-AB DP .exe was minimal (<1 mm) with the Free Overfall Factor set to 0.8 for both.
  4. Any idea when a patch will be released addressing this issue. I am working on a project where the work around to the Map>Scatter being broken is taking a lot of time.
  5. It appears that the Map->2D Scatter function may be broken in SMS v10.1.10 x32, Build date Oct. 25 2010. It's use results in a software crash. Images attached. Note that the crash occurs at the 'Deleting scatter points (100%)' step. I have used this function before on this workstation, in a previous version of v10.1, but it has been a while. I tried Map->2D Scatter on another workstation running SMS v10.1.5 x64 and it worked fine. Thank you.
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