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  1. Yes, this what I was afraid.Playing with K should be included in GMS...
  2. Dear All, I have started a num model with GMS-modflow and I have to simulate partial back fill in to open pit.I realize that GMS has no option for transient K.Is this correct??If it so, I m really stuck with this. Any responce would be apretiated Regards
  3. Many thanks for reply, As I tried to explain in my last post,I m using lake package for simulating a pit in my transient modflow.As it required I m entering the initial,max min stages of lake,leakange evap etc.value. For the batimetry I m adressing my tin file which was produced by pit level contours.After the runs the lake package give me an output *.gag file which summirizing the what happening in the lake.(See below)Which the volumes are very different from the original size of the pit.Any comment highly appretiated. MODEL CALCULATED stage and volumes "DATA: Time Stage(H) Volume
  4. Dear All, I m using LAK3 for simulating a pit lake.My problem is when I give the batimetry file "tin" to LAK3 it is calculated the volume and the area of the pit wrong(very larger than the actual.Is this related to cell dimensions or have anybody had the same problem? Best Regards
  5. Many Thanks for Responce Sean, I have managed the data entry using another text editor.I was lucky because I have only 4 year simulations , not too much data, but I have to note that one has to check GMS after using its xy series editor.Some times it can give you different things . Regards
  6. Many thanks for responce. Actually I ve calibrated the steady model and all I want to do is enter my transient recharge values to modflow.When I past it seems ok but in the modflow recharge array all I see some similar numbers to mine.General problem is GMS extrapolating my low recharge values with the higher values.It is not allow me to enter originals.The overall result is quite dramatic for me, 4 time bigger recharge value in my all catchment at the and of 4 year.I ve put a graph showing what happening to my data.lowest values are exagerated 83 times biger than originalls!! Any Help Apre
  7. GMS is giving an error sign before starting extrapolation 'Some xy series do not cover the range of times specified by modflow stress periods.Values will be extrapolated from the information that is available'. ??
  8. Hello All, I m having dificulties while trying pasting transient recharge data set to time set.GMS producing some extrapolation internally (and assign weird numbers to model) although I have all the data.Has anyone facing this situation. Best Regards Gareek
  9. Hello everyone, I m quite new to modflow,using GMS. My question is about river observations; I have river in my model which is passing from east to west. Observed flow rate at the east boundary is 100 l/s and at the west boundary 120 l/s. While simulating this river with one arc, should I enter 20 l/s for observation or 100 for one node at the east and 120 for at the west boundary. ps.this river should give me the impact of dewatering at the open pit very near to river. Best Regards
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