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  2. I am getting write errors whenever I try to save or run my MODFLOW model. It was working just fine, and then started giving me the errors that are shown in the attached screen shot. I have tried closing out GMS and restarting but the errors still occur. I have even rebooted my computer, but the errors still occur. The model still seems to run, but I am afraid that these errors are going to come back and bight me in the butt in the future. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. I agree 100%. As you get more competent, you might not have to save after every task, but it is good to begin this way.
  4. While doing work with SMS, click save after completing each task. This will help you in reducing your waste of time.
  5. There is not. However, while clicking out an arc, you can use the backspace button to delete the last vertex along the arc, and then the next, and so on. Good luck!
  6. I'm a new user and just working through the tutorials learning to draw arcs and make a mesh. I deleted the wrong point and all my work disappeared. Apparently I have to start drawing all over again. I can't find anything about an UNDO function in the wiki or the forum, except for people requesting one. But those posts are about previous versions. Is there an UNDO function in 13.1?
  7. Hi folks I am modeling sea level rise using Modflow and SWI2. I use GHB for the sea and assign a level of 1.0 meters at the GHB boundary. The assigned zeta surface of the sea is 1.0 meter as well. However, when I run the model the resulting sea level is always 0.0 despite the interface inland changes. Any idea what the reason for this could be? Thanks
  8. Given the increasing use of Null-Space Monte Carlo analyses in models, it is a significant gap that they cannot be done for MODFLOW-USG models. Any chance this could be added?
  9. I'm getting a post processor error. OSError: Unable to open file (unable to open file : name "Case_XDFC.h5", errno = 2, error message = "no such file or directory". flags = 0, o_flags =0) Where is this file supposed to be created? I have never had this error before.
  10. My understanding is that Top is the top of the stream bed and Bottom is the bottom of the stream bed. So typically, you know the Top of the stream bed. Then, you will often estimate the thickness of the stream bed (unless you have field measurements) and can subtract that thickness from the Top to put in the bottom value.
  11. Hilaa

    Stream Package

    Sean, Thanks for your reply. The direction arrows are all correct. I guess it is a problem of elevations. The natural slopes in my model area are very gentle. Do you define the stream nodes top elevation as the top of the the grid cell ? and the bottom elevation of the stream ? Hila
  12. I usually use the STR2 package, so I had to look up what may be happening to you. When I looked up the STR workflow in the GMS wiki page, it showed me that you may have your arc direction going the wrong way (who knew?). Under display options, you can turn on arc direction arrows (at least in the latest build of GMS). To change the direction, select the arc with the problem and right mouse click on it. There will be an option to change the arc direction.
  13. Hilaa

    Stream Package

    Hi all, I'm using stream package for the first time, and the simulation is repeatedly crashing because stream slope is negative. Although al elevations (top and bottom) in the map module are decreasing steadily, The STR Modflow package I see that elevations of several cells are somehow calculated as increasing, and the slope becomes negative - see example below. How can I fix it ? Thanks, Hila
  14. I run the Bouss-2D model on SMS v12.3 without any stability problem but all results appeared to be null. You will find simulation output files in the attachment output_sms.txt,. Regarding warnings about inappropriate internal land boundaries, the indicated node in the attached file does not seem to be isolated. Can any one help me with this? Thanks!
  15. Dear All, I have a UGrid MODFLOW model and I want to use the layer elevations of this model for another model. Therefore, I want to convert the UGrid MODFLOW layers to 2D scatter points. Then it will be easy to interpolate to MODFLOW layers. It is easy to do this process in 3D Grid but it looks it is somehow complicated in UGrid. Thanks for your help and answer. Best regards, Aziz
  16. Hello Everyone, Can you inform me about the maximum limit of nodes to run FEMWATER in GMS. In my study domain there are 3830 nodes in 2D mesh and 72404 nodes in 3D mesh. Thank you in advance.
  17. Just realized I never replied, but it is a bug with GMS. Apparently, you cant use the EVT package if there are areas where your mode layers crop out. For example, my layer 1 only exists in part of the model domain. If you are trying to use USG and EVT in GMS it just wont assign the bondary condition. The developers are looking at it, but it hasn't been fixed yet to my knowledge.
  18. I am running GMS 10.5 with MODFLOW USG. I can run my model using either the PCGU or xmd solvers, but they have very long run times (greater than 24 hours for 26 stress periods). So I purchased the SAMG solver yesterday. I enabled it today and that went smooth. However, when I run the model (using any NONLINMETH), the model starts the first iteration and immediately crashes with no error given. I then tried running the model in the command line and got the following (below). Any ideas on how to get it working? I have contacted technical support, but thought someone here might have gone through this already.
  19. I wonder if there is a way in GMS to define GHB head as a calibration parameter, i.e. to allow the model to change it during the calibration process.
  20. Hi, I am trying to use PHT3D for modelling a system with kinetic reactons. Can anyone suggest a tutorial or a research paper on how to do this? Thank you Kanchana
  21. I am working on a sediment transport model and trying to add a specified sediment inflow to the inflow boundary condition using the "file" option available in the SRH-2D Linear BC settings. I am creating a txt file and giving it a .dat file extension based on information from the SRH-2D sediment transport user manual but am running into the error below in the SRH-2D solver. I have tried different formats for the input .dat file but with no luck. Has anyone dealt with this before? Thanks.
  22. Dear all, How can one determine the mean annual wave height over the model grid from the wave model output of all the wave events and the frequency of occurence of each wave event. Can this be done in the dataset toolbox? How can one import the table of frequencies of occurence? Thanks for your assistance Regards Harris
  23. I have been trying to create a groundwater contour animation in GMS. It seems to work well for short duration timeseries of 300 stress periods, but when I try to create an animation of 3,000 stress periods, the animation seems to be created properly in GMS, but when I play the video, it is all scrambled and garbled. Is there a limit to the number of stress periods that you can use to create an animation?
  24. MT3DMS is not compatible with MODFLOW-USG with unstructured grids. It is possible that it would work with structured grids but I have not tried it.
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