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  2. Yes, instructions here: https://www.xmswiki.com/wiki/SMS:Export_Data_Workflow
  3. Possibly. Though, it depends on what type of simulation you are trying to do.
  4. As for an answer, You want it to slope down like that, so I don't really see anything wrong with it. Now I wonder why mine isn't working. Hmmm.
  5. Thanks. I also thought so. The value for eddy viscosity, automatically given is 0.7. But, it can be changed up to 1. Can I use initial condition as calibrating parameter?
  6. I am using 13.0.14. This is the latest until now. I am attaching a picture here so that you can easily find and also don't forget to give my question's answer.
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  8. I was under the impression they removed the residual plot. When I look at mine, it shows nothing. What version are you using?
  9. SRH has a turbulence model built into it to compute the eddy viscosity. You can't change much about it, but what you can change is here: Right-click on simulation, model control, then it is on the flow tab.
  10. In simulation run queue, the residual plot shows a constant trend of graph like the image given below throughout the whole simulation time. Is this okay?
  11. I have calibrated my model with manning's co-efficient. But, I am not satisfied with the results fine-tuning with n value. Now, I want to use eddy viscosity and manning's n as calibrating parameters. But, I can't find the location for the eddy viscosity tab. If anyone helps me by providing an effective reply, that would be very helpful. If any other calibrating parameters can be used in the SMS interface, please tell me.
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  13. additional clarification, we are also able to run PEST with the pilot points if we do not have preferred value regularization enabled or preferred homogeneous regularization enabled.
  14. Hi All! We are building a model using Modflow-USG and are trying to calibrate it with PEST. We are currently experiencing an error when we try to parameterize our recharge with pilot points. We don't experience the error when we parameterize our hydraulic conductivities with pilot points, only recharge. We also do not experience this error when calibrating recharge with a single homogenous value for the parameter rather than pilot points. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this error before or knows a work around or solution to it. We are setting up the pilot points ac
  15. Hey, I have a dewatering project next to an area of saline groundwater. The dewatering wells would probably pump saline water, with increase values along time. I would like to model the salinity process on the dewatering site, while estimating the chloride concentration at each pumping well (about 10 well along the site borders) Is there an option to have concentration vs. time at each pumping well? Thanks, Yoni
  16. I've just fouded out that Preprocessor wasn't running because I was using an Internal Sink BC on my hydraulic model. I've changed it to an Exit-H downstream condition now the preprocessor runs to the end. Despite that, model isn't running and now I can only get the error message "Program Terminated with exit code 0".
  17. Hi everybody. I've been running a hydraulic model on a reservoir to study potential deposition places. I've made some analysis on velocity and depth but now I'm trying to run a sediment simulation on SRH-2D. I've followed the basic workflow, created the mobile BC type and the sediment material coverage and linked them to the simulation, but when I try to run the simulation I got the following error message on the Pre-processor window: ******************************************** * Program stopped due to the following: * Wrong mod_erosion in bound_2dm.f90 #3 * Error Code is:
  18. I have Build 10.4.10 installed and I see the Horizons -> 3D Mesh option come up when I look for it. My only guess is that your license doesn't include the 3D Mesh module. The pop-up box you show on your screen shot actually covers up the view of the available module icons, so I can't answer that by looking at your screen. However, the location where the 2D Mesh module would normally be (between the solids module and the 2D grid module) does not show the icon for the 2D Mesh module, so I'm guessing that you don't have either of the 2D Mesh or 3D Mesh modules. You can figure this out by l
  19. If I have this right, multipliers for Recharge in MODFLOW are not applied on a cell-specific basis, but rather by stress period across the entire grid. Therefore, if you want different multipliers for each stress period, you can do this in a spreadsheet (one column), copy the cells, and drop them into the GMS recharge input box. If you need to multiply different areas of your grid, you will have to do that manually, but creating data sets (one for each recharge and one for the multipliers) and multiplying the data sets before pulling them into the recharge rate input. Right now, that's
  20. I have a transient model that has around 1500 grid cells. For temporal recharge, I used polygons to import recharge Timeseries data into the grid model. Now, I have to import the polygons of multiplying factors for recharge. The problem here is GMS does not have an option to import multiplying factors from polygons to grid cells. Can anyone help me in this regard?
  21. Is it possible to export SRH-2D model output as shapefiles? For instance, is it possible to export the Wet/Dry Boundary as a shapefile?
  22. Thank you so much for your generouis response.. The FINF, it is for infilitration (recharge), but is there any way to directly input the rainfall date, like if you hava a storm for 48 hr, with (L/T) data? the figure below for the recharge rate
  23. You can input rainfall as infiltraton rate FINF. UZF package should take care of calculating true groundwater recharge from this flux accordingly.
  24. Thank you so much for your generouis response.. The FINF, it is for infilitration (recharge), but is there any way to directly input the rainfall date, like if you hava a storm for 48 hr, with (L/T) data? the figure below for the recharge rate
  25. Dear Sir/ Madam, I hope you are well. I have studied the StratigraphyModeling-HorizonsTINsAndMeshes. There, the second numbering under the first paragraph under the section of 5 Creating Mesh on page 8, it talks about Horizons--> 3D Mesh command. I believe that even I have done all the previous instructions correctly, I cannot see this option. Please see the attached screenshot. I think that there might be a bug. Otherwise, could you please inform me where my mistake is? Thanks in advance. Best regards.
  26. Yes, you input infiltration rate (L/T) at land surface as FINF (NCOL, NROW). The documentation is here: https://water.usgs.gov/nrp/gwsoftware/modflow2000/MFDOC/index.html?uzf___unsaturated_zone_flow_pa_3.htm https://pubs.usgs.gov/tm/2006/tm6a19/pdf/tm6a19.pdf
  27. Are you able to input the prec. data directly to this module, or it has only the option for Recharge rate? please, if you have any documantation or information for how to enter a storm events to this UZF or SFR2 package, share that with me?
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