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  2. Reducing the time step and simulation time worked. Thank you for your help! I will keep that in mind for my other models if they start to act up.
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  4. Assuming the mesh is showing WSE, why do you have some water at the boundary? After running this, what does it say on the SRH-2D command line? Try dropping the timestep to 1 sec and trying that. Also, to adjust for the time, do just 3 or 4 hour run time until you get it running right, then you can increase run time, if needed.
  5. Here are the snapshots of the model control, the lack of results in the folder, and the mesh with the last set of good results.
  6. It seems to be running really fast? That is because it is not running. I bet if you open the folder, there is no results in it. Send screenshots of model control screen and anything else you think might speed up finding you an answer. The more info you give on the model, the quicker it will be to find the problem.
  7. This time it ran without saying anything in the command line...
  8. Please send a picture of what it says on the PostSRH-2D command line.
  9. I changed the simulation name and this is the command window and error that pops up after I try to load the results. It worked one time when I made the exact same mesh over again and ran the simulation, but then whenever I try to do two simulations with the same mesh it doesn't run the second time. This is only happening on this model and not my other two, so I am very confused.
  10. It sounds like the one you are running after you change the discharge isn't running at all. The dataset isn't changing. Name the simulation something different when you run the secondary boundary condition. That way it will generate a different folder for that run and you will be able to distinguish between the two runs easier.
  11. Apologies for the late reply, I have been working on another project. It doesn't say anything in the command line at all. What happens is I run one flow just fine and then I change just the discharge on both boundary conditions and it runs the first simulation again.
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  13. What does it say in the SRH-2D command line? See image below.
  14. So, it sounds like things were working okay, but then you changed a condition and it crashed, right? Does it tell you that error just as it crashes, or after you close the window telling you the model status? GMS defaults to trying to pull in the model solution, so if there was no .hed file generated (due to the model crashing), it isn't a shock that it gives you that error. If that is the case, you just need to figure out why changing that condition caused your model to crash (actually, that is what you need to do either way). GMS won't necessarily tell you why a crash happened, but it can give you clues as to where the problem is in the model (look at your output file and/or the model status window as the model is running).
  15. Hi, I am working on a river model in SRH-2D using SMS. I am currently in the process of calibrating some parameters iteratively at different flow rates. I am running into a problem where I will change the flow rate, and the model instantly runs and outputs the exact same values as it did for the previous flow. Has anyone experienced this before, or might know what is going wrong? I can provide some images and outputs if it is helpful. Thank you.
  16. I had the same error. The run queue showed that the SRH-2D model finished running, but when I clicked on the model in the queue, I found it was actually throwing an error before post-processing. (One of my boundary conditions had a backwards arc direction). I resolved the error and no longer had an error in post-processing. I'm sure you figured this out or found a workaround since the post is from May 10 but hopefully this helps someone.
  17. Hello ! Same here, when I add some conditions on one of the layer of my model in steady-state, at some point, it is crashing. Same error message and I don't find any solutions. Any suggestion ? Thank you very much ! Aline
  18. I am trying to model sediment transport around bridge piers, but I am having a few issues. First off, I got the sediment model to run but I was getting unrealistically high amounts of deposition and erosion with the transition occurring right at the bridge. To solve this, I redefined the mesh so that all the cells in the channel were the same size (approximately) and I removed the holes in the mesh that represented my piers. However, now my model is not running at all and I don't get any kind of error message to tell me what is wrong. Anyone with any experience modeling sediment in SRH-2D is welcome to reply. Thank you.
  19. I am testing a model for overland flow and storm drain networks. I used local data to create a HMET file which began on 8/1/2019 and a created a Uniform Precipitation event beginning on 8/2/2019. When I run the model, the outlet hydrograph begins a day after the precipitation event (8/3/2019) and when I step through the depth dataset, it shows rain occurring on 8/1/2019. I can not figure out why the timing is a day early in the depth dataset and day late in the hydrograph. I am using a 60 minute write frequency in the Output Control. Screenshots of the depth, precipitation, and output hydrograph are in the attached file. I'd appreciate any info/advice! TimeMismatchGSSHA.docx
  20. I am getting write errors whenever I try to save or run my MODFLOW model. It was working just fine, and then started giving me the errors that are shown in the attached screen shot. I have tried closing out GMS and restarting but the errors still occur. I have even rebooted my computer, but the errors still occur. The model still seems to run, but I am afraid that these errors are going to come back and bight me in the butt in the future. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  21. I agree 100%. As you get more competent, you might not have to save after every task, but it is good to begin this way.
  22. While doing work with SMS, click save after completing each task. This will help you in reducing your waste of time.
  23. There is not. However, while clicking out an arc, you can use the backspace button to delete the last vertex along the arc, and then the next, and so on. Good luck!
  24. I'm a new user and just working through the tutorials learning to draw arcs and make a mesh. I deleted the wrong point and all my work disappeared. Apparently I have to start drawing all over again. I can't find anything about an UNDO function in the wiki or the forum, except for people requesting one. But those posts are about previous versions. Is there an UNDO function in 13.1?
  25. Hi folks I am modeling sea level rise using Modflow and SWI2. I use GHB for the sea and assign a level of 1.0 meters at the GHB boundary. The assigned zeta surface of the sea is 1.0 meter as well. However, when I run the model the resulting sea level is always 0.0 despite the interface inland changes. Any idea what the reason for this could be? Thanks
  26. Given the increasing use of Null-Space Monte Carlo analyses in models, it is a significant gap that they cannot be done for MODFLOW-USG models. Any chance this could be added?
  27. I'm getting a post processor error. OSError: Unable to open file (unable to open file : name "Case_XDFC.h5", errno = 2, error message = "no such file or directory". flags = 0, o_flags =0) Where is this file supposed to be created? I have never had this error before.
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