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Chris Blount

Minor bug in 10.1

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I think I found a minor but annoying bug in SMS 10.1 with the 2D mesh polygon properties. I'm wanting to interpolate a different dataset onto part of my grid so I created a polygon to isolate the area of interest and used the existing nodes mesh option. I've done this plenty of times in the past. I recently used the Truncate Values option in the Interpolation dialog box and it worked fine. However, every time I tried a reinteroplation after that the values were truncated with the previously specified values even without the box being checked. I even tried changing the truncation values to be well outside the values of my dataset so it wouldn't affect the calculations, but the original truncation values were still used.

I was able to solve this by changing the coverage type to something other than ADCIRC and then changing back to ADCIRC. That seemed to clear everything out so could reset the options. Everything works now, but I thought I would give everyone a heads up.


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Can you send the files that you experienced this issue with to support@aquaveo.com? I tried to replicate it with some of the data that we have here but I was not successful. Thanks.

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