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Hamid Fanaie

Spectrum visualisation in St-Wave

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Hi all,

I have a basic question on the interoperation of the ST-Wave spectral graphs.

When I visualise the Spectrum in The 2D polar plane it shows the complete characteristic of the spectrum as shown in the following Figure:



Using the ‘Integration plots’ box for frequency and direction creates the following plot for the shown polar spectrum:





I do not know how SMS make these plots and how they are related to the 2D polar spectrum. In other words:

1- What is the direction of the ‘Energy vs. Frequency’ plot?

2- What is the frequency for the ‘Energy vs. Direction’ plot?

Any inputs on this is highly appreciated.

Best regards,


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There is not a specific direction for the ‘Energy vs. Frequency’ plot but instead it is an average energy for all directions at the at the frequency. For example, if the energy reads as 3 and the frequency reads as 0.5 on the Energy vs. Frequency’ plot, then 3 would be the average energy for all directions on the 0.5 frequency. The same is true for the ‘Energy vs. Direction’ plot.

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