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Jose Maria


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Dear Colleagues:

If I want to calculate the potential rate of sediment transport, and I have several waves to combine, each with its respective frequency of appearance, what is the right way to act with CMS-Wave & CMS-Flow?


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CMS outputs the actual sediment transport rate in both the x and y directions.

If you would like to obtain an estimate of the potential sediment transport, you can calculate this with the the sediment concentration capacity, water depth and current velocity and using the Data Calculator in SMS as

Qxstar = U*h*Ctstar, and

Qystar = V*h*Ctstar


Qxstar and Qystar are the potentiual sediment transport rates in the x and y directions,

U and V are the depth-averaged current velocities in x and y,

h is the total water depth, and

Ctstar is the total load, depth-averaged sediment concentration capacity.

Note that in CMS, Ctstar is in kg/m^3 so the resulting transport units from the equations above will be kg/m/s and can be converted to m^2/s by dividing by the sediment density.

I hope this helps. I also recommend you visit the CMS wiki at http://cirp.usace.army.mil/wiki/CMS.


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