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Jose Maria

CMS and last release of SMS

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Dear Colleagues:

I had to come back to previous release of SMS (10.1.2). On it, spectral analysis doesn't work, but I built my own application on Visual Basic and Matlab and I could finish an urgent report.

The reason: on the last one (10.1.3), CMS stop working. Or at last, I am not able to run it. The reason is that I can't find where the menu of attributes of polygons and arcs have gone.

I know (by experience) that working on software with a lot of people behind is a very, very, hard and stressing task. But working whith changing models with clients and politicians behind alsos is!.

I deeply suggest not touching what is working well, or at least, to warn users of the change and the new place to do old things.

Best regards and sorry for getting nervous. I really am.


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Yes the Attributes tab was removed with a purpose. It forces the user to choose an extrapolation value for land. This allows users to put in there own values for extrapolation instead of just trusting SMS to properly map the shoreline elevation.


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