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What models in SMS can simulate oil spill on river


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You should post this to the SMS forum. This involves a pretty complex process because the oil that is floating on the water may not move directly with the water. Being on the surface, it is subject to wind and wave actions to a greater extent than the full water body is. You might want to approach it as a 3-dimensional model, with the top layer being a thin layer representing the oil/water transport layer. But, a lot has to do with the depth of the water, the effects of wind, and the flow field. If the flow field is highly 1-dimensional, you may be able to use a 2-d model in the vertical plane. But none of this addresses the density differences between the oil and water. I am not sure if this will work, but you may be able to represent the density difference by using a different water temperature for the upper layer if the model will allow you.

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