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Contour legends


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Just wondering if anyone knows the solution to this problem. Whenever I turn on the contour legend option the text in the legend comes up as symbols rather than letters. Have checked that the font etc are all correct and can't seem to find anything else I can try. Any ideas?



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Hi Tim,

This happened with WMS 8.1 and earlier versions if the emrl.ttf font was not installed correctly. It also happens if you are running WMS 8.1 and earlier in windows vista. The problem should be fixed with WMS 8.2, but you could still have this problem in WMS 8.2 if you are running WMS using remote desktop or if your graphics card does not support more recent versions of openGL. For more information about troubleshooting your graphics problems, visit the following page:


WMS 8.3 beta automatically repairs the problem. You can download WMS 8.3 from our download page here:


If you're using WMS 8.1, restarting your computer, removing and reinstalling WMS, and restarting your computer again should fix the problem.

Hope this helps.


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