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WMS v 7.0 in vista OS


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Hi all, just little questions today.

1. is there any possibility to run WMS v.7.0 in Vista OS completely? i am just curious about it.

and, what about the new one?

2. if i am about to update/upgrade my software to the latest version, can i have my previous version back later when i get any difficulties with the new one?


Thank you very much for any hint

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Hi Ida,

You should be able to run WMS 7.0 in Vista (I don't know if I've tried it), but symbols will show up as letters of the alphabet because of a text/GL drawing issue. So if you can handle this little glitch, go ahead and try it. This problem has been fixed in WMS 8.1 and later.

If you want to upgrade from version 7.0 to 8.2, for example, you can keep your previous version on your computer and use it anytime you need it. You should be able to switch between using WMS 7.0 and 8.2. Files saved from WMS 8.2 will likely not be able to be read into WMS 7.0, but you should be able to read WMS 7.0 files into WMS 8.2.

Hope this helps,


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