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Particle velocity 0,1,2

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Are the results - particle velocities 0,1,2, that are given in CGWAVE output, orbital velocities at surface, bed and in the mid depth? If this is so, which is the bed velocity (0,1 or 2)?

Can velocities be presented in color fill method or just with vectors?


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You must be using SMS 9.2? SMS 10.0 labels the data sets differently than 9.2.

SMS reads the *.cgo file and creates the following data sets SMS 10.0 name / SMS 9.2 name:

  • Wave height / Wave Height
  • Wave Phase / Phase
  • Direction of Max Particle Velocity / Wave Direction
  • Pressure @ Surface / Pressure 0
  • Pressure @ Mid Depth / Pressure 1
  • Pressure @ Bed / Pressure 2
  • Particle Velocity @ Surface / Particle Velocity 0
  • Particle Velocity @ Mid Depth / Particle Velocity 1
  • Particle Velocity @ Bed / Particle Velocity 2
  • Sea Surface Elevation / Wave Surface
  • Wave Velocity / Wave Velocity
  • <not created> / Sea Surface

Only scalar data sets can be represented using contours. You can convert vector data sets to a scalar Vx, Vy componenet or Magnitude and direction. For velocity, it would probably be most interesting to convert the vector to magnitude and direction and contour the magnitude.

To convert a vector to two scalar data sets:

  1. Right click on the vector data set in the project explorer
  2. Select "Vector to Scalars..."
  3. Set the conversion options

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