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Converting 2D Meshes

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I'm in SMS 12.3 and was wondering if there was a way to convert a 2D mesh representing bathymetric surface elevations of a lake to a GeoTIF raster so that I can import it into ArcGIS for further analysis.  Do I convert first to something else like a grid or scatter set?  I created the mesh from first converting scatter points collected during a boat survey to the 2D mesh via linear interpolation. 



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I don’t believe SMS 12.3 has the capability of converting to raster, someone correct me if I’m mistaken. I do happen to know that functionality was added to 13.0. 

In 13.0 you first convert the mesh to a scatter set by right-clicking on it and converting to scatter and then you right click on the scatter set and convert it to a raster. You can set the desired resolution and it will save out a geotiff.

If you haven’t done so already, you could evaluate SMS 13.0 with a free trial and check it out. Or I’d also suggest looking into renewing your maintenance since 13.0 comes with some other useful features like improved LiDAR processing.


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Thanks....v13 worked like a charm after I got my hands on it.

I prefer interpolating surfaces in SMS than in ArcGIS b/c in my opinion, the results look better plus it is a lot quicker for me to generate and control how it is done in SMS


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