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Text Missing in the command line

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When I run a model, sometimes there is text in the command line, and sometimes there is not. When there is text in the command line, it appears that the model has a better chance of the results looking somewhat as expected. If there is no text in the command line, then the model will run and put out results, but they may not what be what would be expected. Does the lack of text, indicates that it crashing in the background? 



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I agree, but I think it may be crashing in the background before it gets a chance to post the text. It seems that if this happens, it will happen consistently and continuously happen until the program is happy with whatever changes I have done. For example, changing the boundary conditions or changing the mesh.

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I had just reran the model again, to look at the SRH-2D tab that you had circled in another question. I did not change anything, just did the save, export, and launch SRH-2D. It said that it was unloading the other run under the same name. It did not have any text in the command line. The results were the same as the run before (which had text in the command line). Really interesting.


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