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Invalid Patch Error: Edges of adjacent cells overlap

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Has anyone seen this message? Any thoughts? I created the mesh generator from a 2D Cad File, so there should not be any overlapping areas (cells?). As you can see, I was successful in creating a patch for the creek on the other side of the road. I realize that I do not have a scatter set yet and have selected a constant bathymetry type for now. I also realize that I need tons of work on the arc's and redistributing the vertices. I would like to make it past this error first.



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The problem it is saying you have is because of the bend in the channel and you trying to draw quads through it without enough vertices. You can't make that into patch the way it is. You should redistribute your vertices. You should probably do it for the other one to. Both of those will make poor meshes. You might want to add some vertices to the other arcs on those polygons. Make sure you use the mesh quality feature when you are done, because you are going to have some issues.

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Thank You. You were right. I had redistributed the vertices before, using the select all, and it did not work. So I deleted everything and started again and wanted to ask the question from the most basic starting point. I am not sure why it did not work before. But after you said this, I thought that I would try it again redistributing one arc at a time instead of selecting all the arcs. It worked. I also went back and re selected all of the arcs at one time, and it worked. So I am not sure what happened the first time I tried to fix it. Thanks Again!

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