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Shahidul Islam

Intel(r) Visual fortran run-time error

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Hello Shahidul,

I was able to find some information for you on the SRH-2D Errors page from the XMS Wiki. 



forrtl: severe (24): end-of-file during read, unit n, file {your filepath.dat} Image PC Routine Line Source srh2d_3.2_quickwi...Unknown...


This is usually a generic error indicating something is wrong with the SRH simulation casename.DAT file created by SRH pre. It typically signifies that SRH-Pre did not terminate normally and generate a valid simulation file. The cause of the error could be any number of issues.


Check for any error messages reported by SRH-pre by going to the SMS model wrapper and clicking on the "PreSRH-2D" line and reviewing the on screen output messages.

If you need further help, the Aquaveo Technical Support Team (support@aquaveo.com) may be able to help you. 


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