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Clarification of algorithms in NSS computation process

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I've been a heavy WMS user for over 3 years and recently started using the NSS model, and was wanting to know if someone could provide some clarification regarding how WMS is computing the watershed geometric characteristics for input into the regression equations. The regression equations I'm using require an area, a channel slope (at 10/85%), and a main-channel length. 

I've created a watershed model that is performing satisfactorily, but some of the geometric output numbers are a bit puzzling, specifically the channel length parameter. I've compared WMS output to my own measurements to verify, and sometimes it's a struggle to match any of the WMS numbers at all. I'm referring to both basin-specific channel lengths, obtained by clicking on basin icons, and cumulative lengths, obtained by clicking on outlets. 

My question is, what exactly is it outputting for that parameter and how is it computing that value? Any information would be very helpful. 

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