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Shahidul Islam

SRH-2D Bank erosion module

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I am using SMS 12.3.4. My thesis is related to hydrodynamic modeling with bank erosion along a river. By going through several papers, I came to know that SRH-2D had included bank erosion module. I want to use this module, but I can't find any guideline in internet that how I can use this module if I use SMS for numerical modeling.

It would be very helpful for me if someone give me some guideline or step-wise direction on how to use bank retreat module of SRH-2D along with SMS.

Thanking you,

Shahidul Islam.

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First of all, SMS does not do numerical modeling. It is for pre- and post-processing of numerical models. Second, I do not believe that the sediment transport aspect of SRH-2D has been implemented into SMS. I think it will be added in the next version, and you may be able to use it in the current beta version.

Hope this helps!

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