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Link error in SRH2D

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Hi all


I am getting what I think is an error for a flow link in SMS/SRH2D:

     Enter: N_LINKS
     N_LINKS = total number of pairs of Internal LINKs specified in BC-TYPE

*  Internal LINKs have been specified using LINK Type with Nodestrings    *
*             Number of LINK Pairs =  1
*  Each link is defined by a pair of nodestringsv                         *

 ==> DEFINE-INTERNAL-LINK-Pairs-by-Nodestrings
 end of file _SIF.dat reached! start on-screen input!

 --> INTERNAL-LINK-FLOW-TYPE: for Link =  1
     Enter:  QTYPE
     QTYPE = CONSTANT, Time_Series or WEIR



Anyone have any clue what is going on? 


Thanks for reading


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Typically when SRHPre asks for “on screen input” it means that a required variable for the structure has not been provided. This usually means that something went wrong exporting the simulation and the variable was not written to the .srhhydro file or It was written in an incorrect format. Could you include a screenshot or copy of the text in the .srhhydro file? Also, what version of SMS are you using?


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