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Question about editing arrays

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I was wondering if there is a way to pull up an array of data with only a selected area of cells. For example, I have an area modeled as wetlands that is a different material type, I want to isolate those cells and pull up the array of their starting heads so I can easily edit them (without having to pull up the array for the entire grid). Thanks!


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Hi Jared - I am only familiar with one way to do this and this method will allow you to change the heads of all selected cells at one time. Hopefully, someone knows a better way...

In your conceptual model, create a polygon in the shape of the wetland area in question. Once you have done that, select the polygon, right-click, and choose the option that reads select MODFLOW cells (or something similar). Now your cells are all selected. without unselecting those cells, right-click and choose properties. You should be able to input a starting head in the top of the table.

good luck! I hope that helps!


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