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Error reading HDF5

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I have been successfully using WMS for the last month.  Late last week we had a company wide windows update and now I am getting the follwoing error message when I try to Compute TOPAZ.   "A model error occurred.  More information: Error reading HDF5 file."  I opened older files that I have successfully run TOPAZ in the past and when I attempt a rerun I get this error message.  

Error Reading HDF5.JPG

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I am not sure why you would be getting this message, though I can only guess.  Make sure you have permissions to write to the directory where you're saving the TOPAZ output files.  Also make sure the directory exists.  If these are both true, there may be a problem with your WMS installation.  You could try re-installing or repairing your installation.

Let me know if you need anything else,


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