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B. Horrocks


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In the past, I have downloaded NLCD data from the National Map website. The National Map website now has a link to the MRLC website, and it appears the NLCD information is only available in a .rrd file which covers the entire contiguous United States. Can the .rrd file be used in WMS?

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B. Horrocks,

The .img file that comes with the .rrd file you downloaded is supported by WMS and can be loaded in. However, due to the size of the file you will run into a snag when converting the .img to a native land use grid that WMS can use for computations. If you can crop the raster down to your area of interest using an exterior GIS program, that would be necessary. This is assuming you want to use the NLCD 2011 data.

If the land use in the area you are working in hasn't changed much since 2006, WMS can download a cropped subset of the NLCD 2006 data by using the web services. I'd recommend using the Get Data From Map image.png button and selecting it from the list of web services that pop up. 

In the near future WMS 11.0 will be released to a beta version. In that version the same capability described for the NLCD 2006 data will apply to the NLCD 2011 data, which will make it much easier to use the 2011 data.




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