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Timestep window - showing timesteps from older successful runs when new runs fail

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Is it just me, or does the timestep window that allows you to scroll through model output not update to show the most recent (and possibly shorter) run results if that runs fails? 

I am currently attempting to run something for 30 minutes, and tinesteps up to 2 hours are visible, which were first generated by a successful run that ran for 2 hours.




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I ask because if you have another run in the project window, it will show the timesteps from it. You can click through the time, but if you have the output selected with the shorter run, the display should stay the same.

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The original two hour run (sans-culvert) was a success, so I still have it sitting in the mesh that was used for that run.  I generated another mesh to be used with my culvert run, more quadrilateral components where it seemed necessary, and have been running into problems getting that run to complete. 


I guess I thought the timestep window would update to reflect the solution files that were turned on....?   Maybe I still have the old solution files turned on though - I am in the middle of a run right now that actually seems like it will complete!!!!  SO, I am gonna have to wait to answer your point more clearly.

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