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removing the redundant triangles from the Terrain data

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There are a couple of commands that might help you remove triangles that are not needed.  One is the filter command.  This command removes vertices on your TIN based on a filtering angle based on normal vectors to adjacent triangles to a vertex.  This command can be accessed by right-clicking on the TIN and selecting Filter.  You enter a filtering angle for this command.  The documentation for this command is located here.

The other command that might help with your TIN is the option to select and delete extra triangles on the edges of your TIN.  To select triangles on the edges of your TIN, select the "Select Triangles" tool and hold down the CTRL key while dragging a line.  Any triangle that intersects that line will be selected.  This is useful for selecting and deleting triangles you don't want to include in your triangulation, such as those triangles outside the boundary of your raster data.

Let me know if you need anything else,


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