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Erosion Depth not additive between simulations?

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Hi all,

I am attempting to carry out a lengthy sediment transport scenario that's  2952 hours (yikes). To have a bit more control of the results I thought to run it in roughly 1000 hr intervals. When I finished the first interval I thought all that would be necessary to continue evaluating the rate of deposition/erosion would be selecting the restart file (RST.dat)  from the end of the previous simulation to start the next one. However, it seems  the deposition/erosion process is not additive looking at the results from the end of the second interval. Does the restart file not contain the erosion values needed for the next simulation? Or maybe there is something else besides the restart file that I need to make this work?



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Restart files should include information about sediment transport. If you are not seeing that behavior, let us know what version of SMS you are running SRH-2D with and we can perform some additional tests to ensure that everything is working in the current release of SRH-2D and SMS.


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