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ERROR: transient modflow forward run

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I have been using Modflow-usg and made successful runs. However, there are still many bugs in USG since it's still in development. Therefore I wanted to switch to Modflow with the same data set. I have 20336 cells with cell size of 150m in x and y direction, HK and starting head values were assigned to the model from 2-D scatter data- Interpolate to Modflow. When all the conceptual model data is converted to modflow, all the things look fine (as they were before in the modflow-usg, everything is same). Simulation check is not giving any errors. However, when I run the model I continuously receive the same error and MODFLOW terminates with error without doing nothing. I have tried all the solvers. I have decreased the number of cells. Instead of starting heads I also tried checking steady state in stress period dialog. The error is:


Error opening data set: Pilot Points/Index1/start vals.

Error opening data set: Pilot Points/Index1/weights.

MODFLOW terminated with error!


Error reading ......hed. File formatted incorrectly.

Other output encountered:

---Premature end of file file_name.ccf

Could you please help me solving this problem. 





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Try going into the pilot point options dialog from the MODFLOW parameters dialog. This usually forces GMS to interpolate the pilot points to the grid again.

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