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Measurement of Draw down Using GMS

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Hello all,

 I am new to MODFLOW. I tried to set up the MODFLOW to measure the change of drawdown with time using the 3d grid. I am including the values I used here:
X dimension: 1000m
Y dimension :1000m
rows columns: 10,10
pumping 240 m3/day
horizontal K 10m/day
I set left and right column as constant head setting ibound<0. Here I have attached the screenshot of head change and drawdown. So, I have 2 questions:
1.The drawdown seems a bit off, can u tell the possible reason for it?
2.If I want to set the bottom cell as no flow boundary would I have to make the cells inactive?
[I have tried to set up the conceptual model and adapt it to the grid as well however sometimes it's
not showing the boundary condition correctly. That's why I tried 3D grid]
Please if anyone of you could solve the problem, it would be a great help.


head change1.JPG

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