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Pre Run Error Code

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I recently updated my boundary coverage, boundary conditions, material coverage, monitor points and mesh. Before making adjustments my model ran, however with the adjustments I am getting the error code below. Are there ideas/suggestions about what it is trying to tell me? Or where I went wrong?

forrtl: severe (157): Program Exception - access violation


Image PC Routine Line Source

srh_pre_3.1.exe 00007FF7301AAB8A Unknown Unknown Unknown

srh_pre_3.1.exe 00007FF7301E2161 Unknown Unknown Unknown

srh_pre_3.1.exe 00007FF730199E99 Unknown Unknown Unknown

srh_pre_3.1.exe 00007FF73020805B Unknown Unknown Unknown

srh_pre_3.1.exe 00007FF730303D7C Unknown Unknown Unknown

srh_pre_3.1.exe 00007FF7302E449F Unknown Unknown Unknown

KERNEL32.DLL 00007FF9F6052774 Unknown Unknown Unknown

ntdll.dll 00007FF9F7D70D51 Unknown Unknown Unknown

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Given the broad range of changes that were made and the fact that the error message shown is not indicative of anything specific, I would recommend contacting the Aquaveo Technical Support Team and providing them with your files. They will be able to troubleshoot the issue and give some steps to resolve the error. You can contact them by emailing support@aquaveo.com.


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