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Initial water level for TUFLOW

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The study area I want to model in TUFLOW is as below. I have couple of question about the Initial water level and the boundary conditions. 

1. The DEM I have is merged with the bathymetry and vertical datum for that is NAVD1988.

2. I want to use two upstream boundary conditions (marked by green line in the picture). And both of the station gages are at the same level from the vertical datum. (Datum of gage is at 0.00 ft NAVD of 1988)

3. The red circled are my downstream boundary conditions. But they datum of gage are not always at 0.00 ft of NAVD88. For example the middle red circled one says ''Datum of gage is 3.89 ft above NAVD of 1988''. So do I need to add 3.89ft to the readings of water level to bring the data to the same vertical datum? 

4. What would be my Initial water level value? In the website it says that " It is generally a good idea for the initial water level to match the downstream boundary condition at the start of a run."  But I have three different water level reading for three different stations at downstream initially. Which one I would pick for Initial Water level value. 





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Hi Fahad,

Are you able to please clarify your boundary configuration?

From your diagram, it looks to me as if the green lines should be your downstream boundaries (as they are located at catchment outlets) not upstream boundaries.



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