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UZF+ SWR process

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Would you please helps me how to find the surface water routing  process( SWR1)activated when using Modflow 2005 with UZF package. I'm trying to model runon/runoff interacted with unsaturated flow profile In tiny grid. Please find the SWR documents


Thank you


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The SWR package is included in the versions of MODFLOW that are distributed with GMS but there is no interface to this package inside of GMS. You would have to create the SWR input file by hand.

I am not sure how long it will take to add this package to GMS that depends on priorities, user requests, and funded development.

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 Thank you so much, Alan, for your help and interest. Are there any resources or examples for how to create SWR input manually?  Actually, I don't find the SWR process in the optional packages of GMS Modflow 2005, NWT, and USG. My GMS version is 10.2.4  The LGR version doesn't work on my license 

Are you mean that I should export the output of UZF Budget balance for the surface cells(I mean the surface of the land) and add them to the SWR process?   

Thanks in advance




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